Course synonyms, course antonyms - FreeThesaurus. Related Words didactics education educational activity instruction pedagogy teaching coursework adult education art class childbirth-preparation class lesson correspondence course course of lectures directed study elective elective course extension course home study industrial arts orientation course orientation propaedeutic propaedeutics refresher course refresher required course seminar shop class shop workshop lecturing lecture class period course session recitation.

Related Words series stream current flow. Related Words direction way. Related Words action blind alley collision course path way of life way. Related Words line collision course inside track round steps swath belt trail. Related Words assemblage gathering master class discussion section section. Related Words damp course damp-proof course layer bed row of bricks wall. Related Words flush jet gush move tide surge circulate eddy purl whirlpool swirl whirl waste run off run down pour spill run out well out stream dribble trickle filter drain ooze seep gutter.

References in classic literature? In the course of the day, they came to a height that commanded an almost boundless prospect. The travellers continued their course to the south of west for about forty miles, through a region so elevated that patches of snow lay on the highest summits and on the northern declivities. On the 17th they continued down the course of the river, making fifteen miles to the southwest.

View in context. Campbell had met with a disaster in the course of their route from the Sweet Water. In the course of his march, therefore, he secretly detached a small party of trappers, to make their way to those hunting grounds, while he continued on with the main body; appointing a rendezvous, at the next full moon, about the 28th of August, at a place called the Medicine Lodge.

Of course you would be notified what day and train to expect Pollyanna on. She had answered it the day before, and she had said she would take the child, of course.

The whole thing is, of coursean absolute fabrication, though when he spoke of Nina Alexandrovna he wept! Adventures, of courseas we shall see, were of daily occurrence; but about this time Peter invented, with Wendy's help, a new game that fascinated him enormously, until he suddenly had no more interest in it, which, as you have been told, was what always happened with his games.

At the Gulch, when victory was still in the balance, sometimes leaning this way and sometimes that, he called out, "I'm redskin to-day; what are you, Tootles? Thesaurus browser? Full browser?See more words from the same year. Accessed 12 Jun. Nglish: Translation of strained for Spanish Speakers.

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From the sprightly world of dance. Methodically explaining a pervasive question. You can learn all about them. Thawing one of the mysteries of English. We're intent on clearing it up. How to use a word that literally drives some pe The awkward case of 'his or her'.

Can you correctly identify these breeds? Just take our word for it. Test your vocabulary with our question quiz! Login or Register. Thesaurus strained adjective. Save Word. Words Related to strained. Near Antonyms for strained. Antonyms for strained. Phrases Synonymous with strained. Keep scrolling for more. Learn More about strained. Share strained Post more words for strained to Facebook Share more words for strained on Twitter.

Time Traveler for strained The first known use of strained was circa See more words from the same year. Thesaurus Entries near strained straight shooters straightway strain strained straining strains strait See More Nearby Entries. Style: MLA. Get Word of the Day daily email! Test Your Vocabulary. Chihuahua pug French bulldog pit bull.Palatial or cramped? Words to describe buildings and rooms, part 1. Thesaurus: synonyms and antonyms of fascinated in English fascinated.

These are words and phrases related to fascinated. Click on any word or phrase to go to its thesaurus page. Or, go to the definition of fascinated. Synonyms and examples interested I've always been interested in the origins of blues music. Go to the thesaurus article about these synonyms and antonyms of fascinated. See also interesting. Learn more If you are interested in somethingyou want to give your attention to it and learn more about it.

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fascinated synonym phrase

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Word Lists. Choose your language. My word lists. Tell us about this example sentence:. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed.Fascinating synonyms, fascinating antonyms - FreeThesaurus. Antonyms boring dull uninteresting mind-numbing unexciting.

Related Words interesting. Related Words attractive. References in classic literature? View in context.

We'll keep away from these fascinating Devil's Forders, and particularly the youngest Kearney. Next to this uncommonly interesting playground, as a field of action, came, in the children's opinion, the "secret spot. From their early days, beginning aboutas an illegal group in Stephen Austin's colony in Mexican Texas to the present, Baptists in Texas have had a rich and varied history, liberally sprinkled with fascinatingcontroversial, colorful, and never dull characters.

fascinated synonym phrase

A Handbook of Texas Baptist Biography. Tracking and discovering the trail of mathematical footprints is both fascinating and rewarding. Explore math with Theoni Pappas. Taking as a point of departure the notion that captivity marks the life of Cervantes, and that the trauma of the experience, not easily available to consciousness, poignantly haunts the author's texts, Maria Antonia Garces provides new and fascinating interpretations of Cervantes' texts and provides useful materials dealing with Cervantes' captivity in Algiers Maria Antonia Garces.

Cervantes in Algiers: a Captive's Tale. However fascinatingtheoretical projects do not yet make impact on humanity and the planet, though of course they may in future.

Interested in synonyms

Emerging architecture. The idea of ironing out the accretions and deletions of twentieth-century Soviet ballet was fascinatingeven though, perhaps understandably, Vikharev and his team did not quite have the courage of their convictions.

Kirov Revives Russian Relics. The big queer '80s: a new boxed set brings back memories of gender-bending pop stars and postdisco fabulousness.Extract Based Questions [3 Marks each]. Read the following extracts carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Question 1. As they gazed, a remarkable sight met their eyes. A fresh footmark appeared from nowhere! Further footprints followed, one after another, descending the steps and progressing down the street.

Question 2. The air was bitterly cold and he could not do without clothes. Instead of walking about the streets he decided to slip into a big London store for warmth. Question 3. They naturally gave chase. In the end he was able to escape only by quickly taking off his newly found clothes. So once more he found himself invisible but naked in the chill January air. Question 4. Suspicion grew even stronger when he suddenly produced some ready cash, though he had admitted not long before that he had no money.

Short Answer Type Questions [2 Marks each]. Why were the two boys in London surprised and fascinated? Answer: The two boys in London were surprised and fascinated when they saw fresh muddy footprints of a human being on the steps of a house, but no man was there making them! As they looked, a fresh footprint appeared from nowhere. Why did Griffin decide to slip into a big London store?

How was Griffin a lawless man? Answer: Griffin was lawless because he had committed many anti-social deeds for which he never felt guilty.

What did Griffin do in the shop of a theatrical company?


Question 5. How did Griffin find himself invisible but naked in the chill January air for the second time? Answer: As he had overslept in the big London store, when the store opened in the morning the store assistants came in. Griffin panicked and ran, chased by the assistants. He had to take off his newly found clothes to become invisible and escape, so that he found himself invisible but naked in the chill January air for the second time.

Question 6. They saw that the bedclothes were cold, showing that the scientist must have been up for some time; and stranger still, the clothes and bandages that he always wore were lying about the room. Question 7. How did the visible man become invisible? What did he do then? Soon the constable Jaffers arrived to arrest him, but the invisible man threw off all his clothes to become invisible and, in the ensuing scuffle, knocked Jaffers unconscious and escaped.

Question 8.

fascinated synonym phrase

What happened to Jaffers when he tried to catch the invisible scientist? Answer: When constable Jaffers tried to catch Griffin, he became invisible by removing his clothes. He was hit blows by Griffin and soon was knocked unconscious. Question 9.


The explanation was that the bewildered boys had been following a scientist who had just discovered how to make the human body transparent, and thus invisible, by swallowing certain drugs.If you are reading this blog regularly and you should!

Today to recognize the importance of reading as part of language building, I have a post filled with English idioms, words, and phrases about reading and books. I have defined this new vocabulary below and included a practice exercise as well. I challenge you to use three of the words, phrases, or idioms here in the next week. This phrase was famously used by the George H.

Bush when he was running for President of the United States in I always have my lawyer read over my work contracts. Jane is very shy, she dresses conservatively, and she keeps to herself most of the time at school, but I saw her out at a club this past weekend and she was really partying. He started reading at age 5 and has never been without a book since. Answers: 1. Read my lips; 5. Build vocabulary, practice pronunciation, and more with Transparent Language Online.

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English idioms, words, and phrases about reading and books. Tags: booksbookwormEnglish idomsEnglish phrasesreading. Keep learning English with us!Search also in: Web News Encyclopedia Images. Harvard Business School. If business is good, a lot of products or services are being sold and if business is bad, few of them are being sold. They worried that German companies would lose business The most important business was left to the last For example, if you say that doing something is a costly business, you mean that it costs a lot.

Big business will never let petty nationalism get in the way of a good deal. Sport has become big business. Business class is also an adverb. Business class is the business class seating on an aeroplane. Translation English Cobuild Collins Dictionary.

See also: monkey businessbusinessmanbusinesslikebusinesswoman. The jargon used in business. Portmanteau of the words "mom" and "manager". A momager is a mother who is also the business manager for her son or daughter. The aim is both to support it and to meet up with the community. Inspired by the phenomenon of flash mobs, which refers to groups of people mobilized by social media to perform entertaining or unusual acts in public, such as choreographies.

A small business that is typically owned and run by members of a family. These software proposals helps the Business Professionals to automate routine tasks.

Ex: Airbnb, the peer-to-peer accomodation marketplace Related to the concept of "sharing economy".